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Enrich Your Child’s Life by Welcoming an Au Pair

Welcoming an Au Pair

Summer is just around the corner!  The warm weather means school will be out and kids will be enjoying their freedom.  Since most parents don’t get a summer break, this means finding alternative childcare to fill those long days.

We all want our children to spend their free time doing worthwhile things. We want them to have fun while still being mentally challenged. Summer camps are a nice option but can be costly, especially with more than one child.

Welcoming an au pair is a wonderful option for parents to help them through the summer months. While you are hard at work, your children get to spend time with an energetic, caring, qualified au pair who will make sure they participate in all that summer has to offer – swimming, picnics in the park, riding bikes, playing sports, not to mention the cultural benefits of an international au pair. Your children can learn another language, try new food, and gain first-hand experience with someone from a brand new culture.

Join the many happy families who’ve already reaped the rewards of a CHI au pair!

Welcome an Au Pair!

Welcoming an Au Pair
Welcoming an Au Pair
Welcoming an Au Pair

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