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Favorite Moments: Host Family, Travel and Volunteering

Shaorong Fang, from China, has experienced more than one exchange program in the United States.  Her first experience was with the Camp Leaders program over the summer.  She then returned to participate in CHI’s Short-Term Enrichment Program this winter.

Some of her favorite moments include:

Staying with a Host Family: Shaorong was able to stay with a wonderful host family.  She describes Dan and Santa as very friendly.  While they are both busy with full-time jobs, Shaorong was very grateful that they took the time to prepare breakfast and dinner every day.  They truly accepted her as a part of the family and she felt home when she was with them.

Travel: Another highlight of spending the winter in the US was her trips to Boston.  She was able to go three times and she loved it.  Some of the great spots she was able to visit include, the Museum of Science, the New England Aquarium, MIT and the JFK Museum and Library.  There was a special exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci which left a deep impression on Shaorong.  The aquarium was also a lot of fun.  She saw animals she had never seen before.

Volunteering: Shaorong spent her days volunteering at Ruth’s House, in Haverhill, MA.  This was her first time experiencing work so it was a bit of an adjustment and she says she was very tired at the end of the day.  It was a great experience, though.  She loves Ruth House and everyone she met there.  While getting adjusted she started with some basic tasks but little by little was given more responsibility.  It felt good for her to challenge herself and try new things.

When reflecting on the program Shaorong says, “Thank you very much for providing this precious opportunity for me to volunteer in the host organization and experience American culture in the host family!”

Favorite Moments: Host Family, Travel and Volunteering 1

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