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Fill Temporary or Seasonal Job Openings This Summer

Are you seeking to fill temporary or seasonal job openings at your company?
Consider the benefits of hiring a talented international student or recent graduate!

CHI’s Work & Travel program can benefit your business in many ways.  With extensive applicant screening that checks language proficiency, education and work experience, background, attitude and interests, CHI can ensure a good fit for your business.

ChampionsOne partner business that has had great results is Wisconsin’s Champions Riverside Resort, which enjoyed a wonderful experience with CHI Work & Travel participants last summer.  Owner Lori Severson welcomed young women from Jamaica, Turkey and Mongolia for the summer months.  The girls worked a variety of jobs at the resort as check-in staff, cashiers, servers, and pool and game room attendants.

Lori went above and beyond to make sure each participant had an amazing summer.  The resort has a fun activity called ‘Thursday Theme Nights’, and the Work & Travel participants helped to come up with each week’s theme.  How valuable was their input?  Lori told us that the resort’s revenue quadrupled on Thursdays because of the themes the girls suggested.

Lori also arranged a get-together every week where participants left the resort and went out to dinner.  While out they were encouraged to share ideas for making the campground even better.  These informal meetings spawned great ideas that were put into practice, such as using chalkboard paint in the bathrooms so guests could write on the walls and Lori would never have to repaint, as well as serving food and drinks at the pool.  The girls even came up with a special menu that was a hit.

As a way to give each girl a well rounded Work & Travel experience, Lori took time to get to know each one and learn their interests.  When one participant expressed a desire to work with special needs children, Lori put her in touch with an organization in the area where she could volunteer.  Another participant was studying business, so Lori encouraged her to attend a business relationship group where she could observe and learn.

Champions Riverside Resort is a perfect example of a wonderful host business that truly understands the symbiotic potential of our Work & Travel program.  Lori and her staff really take care of the participants in their charge, giving them respect and trust, and in return, the participants give their all every single day.  We thank Lori for sharing her win-win story, and look forward to continuing this great partnership in the seasons ahead.

If you would like to learn how the Work & Travel program can enhance your business this summer, please contact us today at

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