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Five Years of Friendship, Travel and Joy

Jana Müller, from Germany, participated in CHI’s Academic Year Program as a high school exchange student five years ago.  Jana stayed with the Yaptangco family in San Diego, CA.  She had an amazing experience and became so close with her host family that they still see each other every single year.  Not only that, but they have amazing adventures together.  Jana shared this wonderful collage along with the text below.

“Today 5 years ago I spent my first whole day in the United States. CHI and TASTE helped me to get to know amazing people. A loving family from San Diego in Southern California took me into their home and family and made my year abroad unforgettable! I became richer of experiences, earned a High School diploma and most importantly I won a new family and friends. Up to this day we still see each other every single year and had amazing adventures together – surfing in Hawaii, Florida, Washington D.C., skiing in Utah, Paris, Rome, Venice, Denmark, Sweden, München, Hamburg and Amsterdam are just a couple examples! Just today I said goodbye once again to my amazing sister who spent her summer in Europe! Time flies, I can’t believe it has been 5 years!! Thank you for all you have done for me! I love and miss you guys! See you soon!”

San Diego Host Family

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