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Florida Restaurants Welcome Hospitality Interns

Three gorgeous waterfront restaurants in Florida realize the benefits of welcoming hospitality interns.  The Sandbar on Anna Maria Island, The Beach House on Bradenton Beach, and Mar Vista Dockside on Longboat Key have recently partnered with CHI as a host business sponsoring international hospitality students in various culinary positions. Each restaurant is very excited to welcome their new interns.  In a recent article with Chiles Restaurant Group they are quoted as saying, “By introducing rich cultural diversity with international culinary techniques and trends, the Group intends to continue its mission to become a leader in regional culinary innovation.”

They will soon welcome six hospitality interns from Philippines, Columbia and Moldova.  Participants will experience each restaurant and participate in fun events such as “Food and Wine on Pine” and Independence Day Fireworks.

Robert Baugh (Chief Operating Officer of The Chiles Group) said, “It’s extremely rewarding to be able to hire and work with such bright, eager and passionate international students who have so much to offer to our uniquely distinct waterfront dining experiences,” he continues, “As an organization, we learn from these students. Each one of them brings a part of their culture and heritage to the restaurants and in to our culinary offerings. We are so grateful for our partnership with CHI and look forward to welcoming these students to our island paradise.”

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