From Helping One Family, To Starting Her Own

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Carolina Gomez has spent almost two years as a CHI Au Pair with a host family in northern Virginia, and is almost finished with her stay.  She has mixed emotions about the end beingFrom Helping One Family, To Starting Her Own 1 near.  While she has enjoyed her time with the Landry family, especially spending time with the three children, and is sad to leave them, she knows that she has someone very special waiting for her back in Colombia – her fiancé, Carlos.

Carlos has been dutifully waiting (like a good fiancé should) for Carolina to come back home, and the couple plan to get married soon.  The best part, though, is that Carolina has become such a part of her host family, that they are all coming with her!  The Landry family’s children are especially thrilled to get to travel to South America and participate in the wedding.  CHI Au Pair Coordinator Joy Gough even held a special wedding shower recently at her home in Virginia for Carolina before she leaves.

Carolina is obviously a very special person to us here in the CHI family, as well as to every member of the Landry family.  But she’s even more special to Carlos and we can’t be more proud to see her starting her own family.  Congratulations to the groom, and best wishes to the bride.  Here’s to many happy years of wedded bliss for them both.

From Helping One Family, To Starting Her Own 2

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