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Full Circle: Past CHI Intern Now Host Family

IMG_0920In 2002, a young Bulgarian named Gergana Keene joined CHI’s Internship Program.  Over the course of a year in the United States, she interned at two businesses.  The first was the Best Western Mayfair Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, where she trained in international group sales and event management, learning the tasks of a general manager.  She then spent time at Precision Interface Electronics in Chatsworth, CA, where she gained experience in domestic and international sales.

When her program was finished, Gergana proudly received her green card and continued on with Precision Interface Electronics.  For the next 12 years she worked in the electronics industry as both a domestic and international accounts manager, appearing at a number of international training seminars as well as world conventions.  More recently, Gergana switched industries and now works for Morgan Corporation as a sales and services coordinator.

Gergana has had success wherever she’s been, and has always remembered how CHI helped her get her start.  With that in mind, she’s now come full circle by deciding to open her home to current CHI Internship participants.  Last summer, Gergana and her husband hosted three Short Term Enrichment Program students, and in January they welcomed a new participant from China.

Gergana and her husband love adding a unique new chapter to her journey with CHI.  Hosting new international students has allowed her to help give others the valuable experience she had, and she enjoys providing her exchange students a home base, showing them around and experiencing their culture.  She also enjoys being reminded of her own journey, as she of course can relate to them in a very special way.

We at CHI are so proud of Gergana for having used her CHI experience to kickstart her career and her life, and for paying it forward so a whole new generation can get out there!  Thanks for sharing your story!


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