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Generations of Cultural Exchange

CHI Area Program Administrator Jennie Fouts has been living cultural exchange for many years.  She has a wonderful relationship with her host brother from Japan and they recently got their families together for a visit.

“1970 – my parents hosted a Japanese exchange student, Kazuhiro. He has been part of our family for 48 years! His dream, our dream, is that our children and grandchildren will continue this relationship forever. We have met over the years many times and recently he and his wife Miyuki brought their daughter, husband and 3 grandchildren to play with my sister’s and my grandchildren. What a fun, exuberant and outstanding few days as we and our grandchildren showed them their school, their dad/my son the firefighter, the State Capitol, our chickens, dog, wild snakes, wild bunnies, a tree house, trampoline, climbing on roofs, Costco, the Space Needle, Pike Street Market and watched a Mariner’s Game. Many new experiences for these 3 little Japanese boys. And a learning experience for our grandchildren too! Loved every minute and cried when they left!”


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