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Give Support – Please Help Work & Travel Participant Donida

We generally use this space to post lighthearted stories of participants and host families sharing their fun experiences, but we’d like to take this opportunity today to shine a spotlight on one participant who needs our help.

CHI Work & Travel participant Donida Kembora, age 22, from Albania, was enjoying her summer in the U.S. working at Phillips Hardware in Oak Bluffs, MA when she began experiencing severe pain in her back and legs.  Unable to find a diagnosis locally, Donida was transferred to a Boston hospital, where it was determined that she had a large tumor on her spine.

Tests thankfully confirmed that the tumor was benign, but its size and location nevertheless represented a serious challenge.  Donida has had two surgeries to remove the tumor, and while they were successful, there remains the real possibility that she may never walk again.

Donida’s extensive treatment has resulted in significant expenses, and she will continue to need intensive rehabilitation moving forward.  As a result, her friends and family have set up an online donation page where people can pledge money to help Donida.  In just a short time, people have already generously donated over $10,000, which is great to see.  With the estimated cost of the the rehab treatment alone close to $85,000, however, there is still a long way to go.

CHI would like to ask you to take just a moment to make a donation to help Donida.  No amount is too small.  We here at CHI are donating as well, and we encourage anyone who can to do the same.  We like to pride ourselves on the unique bonds forged within the CHI community.  Please continue to show just what makes CHI participants, host families, and partners so special.  Share the link with your friends and families, and help this wonderful young woman literally get back on her feet!  Thank you for your support!

Learn more about Donida and make a donation here.


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