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Global Pathfinder Summit | May 20-24

Global Pathfinder Summit | May 20-24 1
Photo Credit: Kamilla Silina

Emerging leaders representing over 50 countries are currently gathered together for leadership development and global networking at this year’s Global Pathfinder Summit in Charlottesville, VA from May 20-24. During the five-day summit participants will gain skills, knowledge and perspective that will help them improve the local community in their home country. They will engage in lively discussions, share ideas and listen to incredible keynote speakers. 

CHI is honored to have five program alumni from our Summer Work and Travel and CHI Camp Leaders Exchange Visitor Programs chosen as winners for this prestigious event. They were selected among many highly qualified applicants and we wish them many more great accomplishments. 

Meet CHI’s Global Pathfinder Summit Nominees:

Global Pathfinder Summit | May 20-24 2

Cristina Baba from Romania: “If we would all be responsible people, in every aspect – moral, social, environmental, action, etc. – it would be possible to achieve corporate responsibility, climate action, responsible consumption, and even education would be normal parameters.”
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Global Pathfinder Summit | May 20-24 3

Lili Jaszberenyi from Hungary: “I value transparency and equal opportunities. I believe if global leaders would make transparent decisions based on merit our world would look healthier and would be more successful and peaceful.” Read More

Global Pathfinder Summit | May 20-24 4

Roisin Quinn from the United Kingdom: “My heart and passion is what drives me and I like to believe I am a successful leader due to this. It doesn’t matter where I am, being kind, caring and determined are the key ingredients to success and I carry them with me wherever I go. I want to inspire people to go further.”
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Global Pathfinder Summit | May 20-24 5

Agnieszka Wcislo from Poland: “As you explore the world and are open to new experiences you gain more knowledge and life wisdom. In my opinion, every trip changes you no matter if it is big or small. I would encourage everyone to follow their dreams and be hardworking as for me is the key to success. We do not have to be gifted in something to be good at something.”
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Global Pathfinder Summit | May 20-24 6

Lauren Rosegreen from the United Kingdom: “I have always been actively involved in my own governance. Rather than passively complying with the status quo, I question how could the situation be improved and subsequently take action to tackle pressing issues.” Read More

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