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Global Pathfinder Summit –Spotlight Nominee: Agnieszka Wcislo, Poland

Global Pathfinder Summit –Spotlight Nominee: Agnieszka Wcislo, Poland 1

“As you explore the world and are open to new experiences you gain more knowledge and life wisdom. In my opinion, every trip changes you no matter if it is big or small. I would encourage everyone to follow their dreams and be hardworking as for me is the key to success. We do not have to be gifted in something to be good at something.”

Agnieszka Wcislo, from Poland, is a positive open-minded person whose life motto is “collect moments not things”. Agnieszka was working on her master’s degree in a field that cooperated directly with Americans when she decided to join the Work and Travel program and spend three months in Houston, Texas.

During her program, she visited 11 different states and won a trip to Washington, D.C. with CHI to participate in panel discussions with Department of State officials.

“I had an opportunity to participate in CHI’s Cultural Ambassador Award (CAA) conference in Washington, D.C. and it was my life-changing experience. I have a similar expectation for upcoming Global Pathfinder Summit and I hope I will feel the same positive atmosphere and meet outstanding people which would give me the energy to act. I would like to improve my leadership and community’s skills.”

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