Global Pathfinder Summit –Spotlight Nominee: Lili Jaszberenyi, Hungary

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“I value transparency and equal opportunities. I believe if global leaders would make transparent decisions based on merit our world would look healthier and would be more successful and peaceful.”

Lili Jaszberenyi, from Hungary, describes herself as confident, compassionate and someone that seeks to represent the interests of her peers.  She will have the opportunity do just that in Washington, D.C. at the Global Pathfinder Summit later this month.

After receiving a degree in Marketing and Applied Management, Lili went on to find her dream job working for Camp Leaders Hungary.  She has been working for the company full-time since 2016 and was recently promoted to Camp Leaders Manager.

Lili is very excited to attend the Global Pathfinder Summit. “Working for an organization where I can collaborate with 15 different country offices taught me a great deal about how valuable it is to share ideas and listen to others’ opinions from very different cultures and backgrounds.  I believe attending a conference that welcomes people from all around the globe will greatly contribute to my understanding of the world.”


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