High School Exchange Student Makes Lasting Impression

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High School Exchange Student Makes Lasting Impression 1

Although Belgian Academic Year Program (AYP) student Gilles Mascart’s program was cut short, he made the most of his time in the US and left a lasting impression on his host community in Alaska.

Thorne Bay High School principal shared how much he appreciated what Gilles brought to their school:

“As a principal of the school I have had several Foreign Exchange Students in my schools and Gilles is by far the Best Foreign Exchange Student I have ever had the privilege of working with! He is always willing to help and asks if he can do more. He is a great student and is respectful to all adults.”

Our AYP students have an incredibly positive impact on their entire communities. Gilles is an example of how our exchange students are here to rise to the occasion and form relationships that will last forever, bringing our big world a little bit closer with each academic year. 

We are so proud of Gilles for showing us why student exchange is meaningful, fun and enriching for so many people.

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