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High School Exchange Student Experience

High School Exchange Student

High school exchange student Edoardo Spinoglio, from Italy, spent the year attending high school and living with a host family in Maine.  Edoardo created this amazing video sharing his time in the U.S. and even recorded a song to go along with it!  Thank you, Edoardo for sharing your experience as a high school exchange student in the U.S.


Edoardo’s experience is just one of many amazing exchange student stories from this year.  Host dad Brandon from Tennessee shares his host family experience:

“We hosted a student from Italy and at first it took some adjusting from the way we lived our lives to suddenly having our own child. Though he left to go back home today and the tears won’t stop. He’s become a part of us and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to share a portion of our lives with someone. If you are considering hosting a student please see this review and know that it changed our lives.”  Brandon Tomlinson, Tennessee


There is still time to host for the 2018-2019 school year.

Learn how you can host a high school exchange student!

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