Host Family Spotlight: Marian & Paul

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CHI received a wonderful letter from Marion and Paul Hinds, a host family from Steilacoom, WA.  They recently said goodbye to Tatsuya, a Japanese participant in CHI’s Academic Year Program, who stayed with them during the school year.  They enjoyed having Tatsuya in their home, and wanted to share their experience with us:

Dear CHI,

We have really enjoyed having Tatsuya, our Japanese [AYP] exchange student, with us this year. We have learned much from him, and it will be difficult to have him leave. He will be missed by us and members of our family and friends. We were so pleased at how much he enjoyed being a part of our family and participating in our special family activities.

Tatsuya is a fine, thoughtful and generous young man with good morals, a good mind, and appreciative of being in our home and in the United States. He has made some excellent friends with whom he will continue his friendship when he returns to Japan. He’s had a lot of fun with them in many activities, including teaching some of them to dance! He was obviously really touched by being included as a senior and participating in graduation and other senior activities.

We all know that Tatsuya will be back! I told him that his room will be waiting for him, and there will be his friends and our friends eager to see him!

Best wishes and thanks!


Marian and Paul Hinds

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