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Host Family Testimonial

Host Family Testimonial 1
Host mom Sary-Jo with Stefano from Italy

Our family began hosting students from all over the world when our oldest daughter, now 29, was in the 6th grade. For us, it was a way to bring the world to our kids when money to travel was scarce. These unique and colorful cultures came to life in a very personal and meaningful way for our daughters. As the girls grew up, they embraced differences in a positive way, and a passion to travel and experience how others live grew within them.

As teens and adults they have studied, traveled, served, and worked in various countries, visiting many of our students along the way. The bonds we have made with our students are strong, for they have had much impact in molding our daughters’ attitudes and hearts towards others. Our oldest daughter now works for CHI. Four years ago she called us with much excitement to let us know that she had found the perfect student for us to host. (We were empty nesters!) Our precious Italian arrived and she was right! It was an amazing – busy, but amazing – year! He calls often to check in with “Mom” and “Dad” and we are anxiously anticipating his visit this Christmas!

We have truly enjoyed hosting! The experience is priceless!! We recommend it to anyone – family with young kids, family with older kids, empty nesters – all will be richly blessed!

– Randy and Sary-Jo, from WA

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