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New York Blogger Shares “How I Do it All!” (Hint…she has an au pair)

New York CHI host mom and blogger, Jennifer (MOMtrepreneur) recently shared “How I Do it All”.  Her secret?  Having the help of an Au Pair!  Jennifer and her family recently said goodbye to their South African Au Pair.  She returned home this month to get married.  Before leaving they threw her a surprise bridal shower.

Read Jennifer’s witty blog below and find out how she does it all!

“How do you do it? “……Wow, you got your hands full!…..You must be exhausted!” I hear these comments daily. While I would like to think I’m SuperWomen and zip around with a cape all day long, I don’t. Yes, I have an above average energy level and solider-like drive and dedication. Yes, I wake up at 5am to drink my coffee in silence followed by a killer workout. Yes, I’m able to successfully juggle taking care of me and my children. Here’s the catch, I don’t do it all on my own.

While I don’t have super powers, I do have a secret weapon- my Au Pair. I couldn’t imagine getting by without this extra set of hands. I often joke that I have a wife at home. These young ladies from around the world have been a saving grace to get my family through the week these past few years. Another secret for you, the cost of an Au Pair is significantly cheaper than any other day care option out there, especially with multiple children!

Breakfast, clean up, get kids dressed, clean up, play games, clean up, snack time, clean up, and round and round again! OMG, my head is spinning and I’m ready for a time out by 10am when I try to tackle this routine solo on the weekends. I have much admiration for both stay at home and working moms who do it all on their own and still manage to shower and throw some mascara on! The rush hours, 7-9am, trying to get kids ready and out the door on-time and then 5-8pm fed, bathed, and ready for bed…is Exhausting with a capital E! How do YOU do it???? I’m not quite sure I could without my Au Pair.

Today we wished my current Au Pair farewell as she is going back to her country to get married. We had a surprise Bridal Shower for her with her South African Au Pair friends. She will be greatly missed!

How I Do it All

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