Gratitude from Spain

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CHI received this lovely thank you letter from a very happy natural mother in Spain expressing her appreciation for the care of her son during his Academic Year Program.

Gratitude from Spain

I would like to start by saying that this whole experience started as a coincidence and I am convinced that not only it has changed my son Ivan’s life, but my own too.

At the beginning, I wasn’t convinced about the idea of sending my son 10,000 km away, but he seemed so enthusiastic about the idea, that we knew he would be just fine. He was convinced of it and he wasn’t wrong.

His new American family, the Heberlings, welcomed him with open arms and even though the first month was all about getting used to a new way of life and a new language that he didn’t really know very well, it didn’t take him long to feel comfortable.

Within a couple of months, everything went from being well, to being perfect; “I’m very happy mum”, he used to say to us. He suddenly had new “parents, a brother” and friends. We just couldn’t believe it.

A few weeks before Iván comes back home, after living “his Great America Adventure” and knowing this is not the end but just a “see you soon”, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart, each and everyone of you who has made this dream come true and the last ten months simply unforgettable.

A very grateful mum,

Olivia Escalona.

Iván Camas Escalona’s mum

Gratitude from Spain

Gratitude from Spain

Gratitude from Spain

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