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Intern from Oman Successful in Marketing

Nivu Hussain participated in CHI’s Internship program in 2013.   He was placed in Fort Lauderdale Florida and for one-year training as a marketing intern.  Before beginning his program Nivu was studying business in Muscat, Oman.  Nearing the end of university, Nivu was looking for an opportunity for an internship in business or marketing.  He also wanted to leave Oman and go abroad.  He was ready for independence and wanted to travel and see what it would be like to experience business in another country.

Having previous experience as an intern in Oman, Nivu knew the benefits of the program.  When he came across CHI’s Internship/Training program, he was excited to participate.  The highlight of his program was how much he was able to learn from a business standpoint.  He was given the opportunity to attend at least 12 difference conferences during his internship.  He was able to travel to different states and meet celebrities and CEOs of major companies.  He learned a lot about entrepreneurship and international business.  He was also able to interact with other interns which was a highlight for him.  Since finishing his program he still stays in touch with friends he made and every year they meet in a different country and enjoy a 10-day vacation.

After completing his internship Nivu returned to Oman and finished his studies.  Later he was offered a job at .CLUB Domains as the Marketing Manager for the Asia-Pacific region.  He feels being an intern definitely helped him with his current position.  The experience he received was invaluable.  Nivu lives in India now and travels around the world speaking at conferences and conducting strategy meetings.  He comes back to the U.S. for four months a year to meet with colleagues and lead training sessions.  He manages international markets like China, India and parts of Europe.





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CHI Founders Tom and Lilka visit Oman in 2008

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