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Coronavirus Update

On September 6th, CHI Regional Coordinator Dayna O’Brien arranged a party for her Internship participants at Tower Grove Park in St. Louis, MO. About 30 Interns attended and were joined by a small group of Work & Travel participants that were passing through Missouri at the time.

We would like to thank all of the interns that attended: Raluca Fekete – Romania, Bianca Nedeianu – Romania, Aleksandrs Eisaks – Latvia, Ievgen Ianovskyi – Ukraine, Ahmet Tiskaya – Turkey, Zulehy Koc – Turkey, Ibrahim Tunga – Turkey, Preeyaporn Maneewant – Thailand, Nhi Banh – Vietnam, Marilag Sumaro – Philippines, Benhur Mutya – Philippines, Karlo Mendoza – Philippines Dione Bautista – Philippines, Deianne Pante – Philippines, Rechelle Teneros – Philippines, Chitarath Basu Roy – India, Joyce Cortez – Philippines, Daria Kochuk – Ukraine, Vadim Gerasimov – Latvia.

Intern Party 1

Intern Party 2

Intern Party 3

Intern Party 4

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