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Intern Shares “Things that Surprised Me About America”

Things that Surprised Me About AmericaCHI Internship/Trainee participant Wojtek Osłowski, from Poland, has been creating fun videos documenting his American experience for the past nine months.  Wojtek is currently a graphic design intern at Dealer Product Services (DPS), located in Long Grove, IL.

When asked why Wojtek started creating video blogs (vlogs) he explains “Have you ever been dreaming about living in the USA? Yeah… Me too! That’s why I decided to apply for a Graphic Design Intership in the USA. MyAmericanDream is the YouTube channel and Blog where I will be showing you my way to get there as well as life being an intern.”

In Wojek’s own words find out what surprised him about being in America, see some of Chicago and find out what his expenses have been.

Exploring Chicago | Internship USA

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