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International Education Week – November 14-18


November 14-18 is International Education Week (IEW). This week we will celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange.  Joined by the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education we promote the benefits of international exchange and education around the globe.  This week is a great opportunity to share your culture with others.  Here at CHI, we encourage you to participate in various events where you can educate others on your home country and hopefully learn something as well.

Here are just a few ways to participate:

  • Social Media – Add an overlay to your Facebook page to show your support and join the Facebook event for updates throughout the week.
  • Share a Meal – People love to try new foods.  Hold a get together where you make something special from home.  Before eating, take some time to share the history of the meal, when it is eaten in your home country and maybe even share the recipe for others to make later.
  • Play Games – Introduce others to some traditional games that you know.  Maybe you can learn some new games as well.
  • Volunteer Your Time – There are so many wonderful ways you can help out your temporary home.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen, clean up a park, or collect donations for a worthy cause.  At any of these events, you can take the time to share stories from home.
  • Share Language – Offer to teach someone a few phrases from your native language, and learn a few new ones yourself.  You’d be amazed at how many colloquialisms you may not know!
  • Be Active – Join a local race or play a new sport.  While being active you can talk about what sports and activities are popular in your home country.
  • Photo Fun – Share photos of your family and friends.  Talk about what you were doing and where you were when the photos were taken.

This week, and every day in the future, we encourage you to celebrate the benefits of international exchange and education.  Go out and share your culture.  And keep learning about others.  There’s always something new to discover!

Please share how you are participating in International Education Week by posting pictures on our CHI Facebook page.


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