International Education Week: Reasons You Should Study Abroad

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  • Experience a new culture – Studying abroad is a unique opportunity to actually live in another culture, not simply be a tourist. As a student, you will have the opportunity to experience the traditions, culture, and society from the inside.
  • Earn academic credit while traveling the world – With approval from your academic department, many students are able to take courses specific to your major, minor or certificate program.  There are also opportunities for internships and independent study projects abroad.
  • Improve your foreign language skills – Enhance their language skills when studying abroad. Learn a language by living it, not by reading it in a textbook. There also may be the opportunity to take courses in English in a non-English speaking country. 
  • Gain a new perspective about the U.S.- Gain a more informed perspective on world affairs and the role of the United States in international politics when you engage in conversations with citizens from your host country. You will bring those insights home when you return.
  • Enhance your resume – Your experience studying abroad will set you apart from other students in the increasingly competitive global job marketplace. The skills you gain while living abroad will give you an advantage in just about any career field. 
  • Gain invaluable life-changing and life-enhancing skills – There are so many personal benefits to studying abroad; self-confidence, independence, patience, adaptability, cross-cultural communications skills, and a willingness to take on new challenges. 
  • Experience new things! – Meet new people, try new foods, have an adventure! Grow academically and personally. Come home filled with stories about your experiences, and share them with others!

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