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Internship & Training Program Testimonial

“My name is Michelle Zenetos. I would like to say thank you for this great opportunity.  I’m very proud for the privilege of being part of the internship program at Landstar in Wheaton, IL.

For sure, it’s a unique experience of great value to my career.  Here I’m learning every day.  This program has given me a new perspective on my professional life and has made be set my goals higher and become more optimistic about my future.

To be inserted and engaged in this new culture was a challenge that brought me great personal and professional benefits too. I have learned a new position and professionalism in a global perspective, enabling motivation for which I dedicate every day.

I’m looking for ways to advance my knowledge as I feel that I have more potential to new challenges.”

-Michelle Zenetos, CHI participant, Logistics Coordinator, Landstar

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