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CHI works with partner agencies from abroad, which recruit participants from top universities. CHI has partners in many countries around the world. They share CHI’s values and believe in the power of international cultural exchange. Their experience and professionalism are an essential part of the success of the Internship, Training, Hospitality, and Agriculture programs.

We seek lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. A number of our staffers even came directly from our partner organizations, so we know what’s important to you. CHI is committed to the satisfaction and success of everyone who helps make our student exchange programs what they are, and our overseas partners are an important part of that equation.

CHI’s mission is to promote international understanding, friendship, and goodwill through cultural exchange, and we truly consider our partners part of the CHI family. If you share that goal, and want to help change the world through cultural exchange, contact us today!


  • We are committed to the satisfaction and success of everyone involved in our student exchange programs.
  • We create lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.
  • We have decades of experience in running exchange programs in the U.S., and an industry-leading screening process.
  • We will help streamline your operations and give you a leg up on navigating U.S. Department of State rules and regulations.
  • We work to constantly stay at the forefront of industry standard best practices, and will share our deep knowledge base with you.
Internships in the US for International Students

Partner Responsibilities

CHI partners promote the Internship, Training, Hospitality, and Agriculture programs to potential participants for the purpose of increasing the mutual understanding between the people of their country and those of the United States.
Applicants should be university students or recent graduates with an advanced level of English proficiency. Their goal must be to broaden their appreciation of American culture and gain career skills.
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  • Personal interview of the applicants, ensuring they meet the application criteria: namely, they are independent and mature individuals who are able to work and live for 12 to 18 months in the U.S.
  • Ensure that the applicant‘s work expectations are realistic
  • Ensure that the applicants view the mandatory orientation
  • Prepare a pre-departure orientation for students
  • Ensure the participants are able to work in an English speaking environment
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