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Italian Participant Shares his Thoughts Before Returning Home

Filippo Paolelli, from Italy, takes a moment to share his experience living and attending high school in Portsmouth, RI through CHI.

AYP Filippo Paolelli and hf
Filippo with his host family

Exactly 5 months ago I came here in Portsmouth and I had no idea what I was gonna I can say that I did a lot of fun things. I got to know wonderful people. I saw some of the most beautiful places in earth and I lived with the only family I’ll always love after mine. I had such a great time in the U.S. and ill never forget everybody who made this place so special to me. This is the best experience I have ever had and thinking that in less than 2 weeks all of this will be over is pretty scary. I just wanna live this last weeks in America as best as I can because I already know I’m gonna miss all of this. But what I’m sure about is that soon I’ll be there, again, in my home city with my family, my friends and my life that I missed a lot. I just wanna do whatever I used to do again, hug the people I love once again and I’m sure that one night at home with my sweet little brother won’t be a bad time at all. I will never forget this place, but I didn’t forget mine.

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