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Japanese Exchange Students Visit Washington Middle School

Japanese Exchange Students Visit Washington Middle School 1

Thank you to our friends at Cedar Heights Middle School in Port Orchard, WA, for recently welcoming our Japanese Group Homestay Participants. Students spent the week shadowing American “buddies” and learning about the US school system.  In honor of National Volunteer Week, we thank Cedar Heights for allowing our students to be part of their school for a week.

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You may not think your life could change in just a few weeks, but with Group Homestay it can. The program lets you experience what it is like to open your home, share your culture and create a bond that will last a lifetime. From the moment your participant arrives, you’ll be able to feel the world getting just a little smaller.

You’ll have conversations about how your home works, the types of food you eat and what activities you enjoy. You’ll share your culture, and your student will share theirs. You’ll find more similarities than you think. In a small amount of time, your student will have a large impact on your life and your worldview, and your connection can last a lifetime.

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