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Jimmy Carter Welcomes High School Exchange Students at Church in Georgia 

Jimmy Carter Welcomes High School Exchange Students at Church in Georgia  1

A group of CHI’s AYP high school exchange students received a warm welcome from a former president at Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Georgia. Jimmy Carter, the 39th president of the United States, regularly teaches Sunday school at this church. CHI arranged an excursion for a group of students living with host families in the area to attend the Maranatha Church for this true American experience.

The 92-year-old Nobel Peace Prize recipient was an unforgettable speaker. Carter delivered a Sunday school lesson, discussed his time in the White House and touched on current events.

The students were thoroughly engaged, absorbing his every word. Robin Corbett, CHI Coordinator said, “It’s easy to see how this man became president of our country as a simple Sunday school lesson had the crowd so emotionally invested.”

“You shouldn’t have a problem coming every week, right?” Carter joked when he took a picture with CHI’s students who come from around the world.

After the church service, the students ate lunch and enjoyed a tour of Carter’s boyhood home. Boiled peanuts turned out to be a highlight of the tour. The day wrapped up in downtown Plains with peanut butter ice cream and a special information session with the director of the Plains Welcome Center.

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