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Are You Ready to Join the Work and Travel Program?

“My name is Don Ivan M. Leopoldo and I would like to thank the team CHI for this wonderful program. It’s been a great pleasure participating. I enjoyed my USA  Work and Travel program.  I really had fun and experienced a lot. From this program, I learned how to get along with Americans and I was given a chance to meet my siblings here in U.S. I also celebrated my birthday. Celebrating with my family was my ultimate dream.

I am now going back to the Philippines and I will never forget the experiences, bonding, and amazing things that happened with my friends and family. The Work and Travel program serves as a stepping stone in my life. I will never forget my experience here in U.S. I hope to participate in the program again!”

Are you ready to join the Work & Travel program?

Join the Work and Travel Program


CHI Work & Travel gives you a head start!

Get real-world job skills in the US during your school break, discover life in America, and make new friends with CHI Work & Travel.

Our flexible program dates work around your schedule.  Spend your winter, spring, or summer working at a popular US resort, amusement park, sporting arena, or restaurant, and in your free time immerse yourself in American culture – tour museums, sightsee, or just relax on the beach. The possibilities are endless.

You’ve always wanted the experience of a lifetime – now’s your chance.  #GetOutThere!

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