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“Live Free or Die”

Yang Ziyue, known as Moon, from China, volunteered at the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire as part of CHI’s Short Term Enrichment Program.

Moon shares her experience and what she learned while participating in her exchange program.

Live Free or Die

"Live Free or Die" 1

“Live Free or Die” is the official motto of the U.S. state of New Hampshire. The phrase appears on all non-commercial license plates in this state. I could see this brief yet powerful phrase every day and feel the courage it has gave to us.

I lived in a small town called Dover. People here are mostly have all the things they needed and have peaceful life. The little town has complete child rearing system, education system and all the facilities residents needed. As I known, many Americans live in small towns that are similar to Dover. They have their own exquisite houses and cars. During weekends and holidays, they can drive for a nice trip. The pace of life is not so fast. I would say their life are free and full of joyful.

In the past brief four weeks, I met so many kindhearted and friendly people. I will never forget the touch and happiness they brought to me. It was because of them that made my first journey in the US proceed very smoothly.

I volunteered in the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire where I learnt the way that Americans educate. I really like the American way of education, they always encourage kids to do what they want. They have so many different activities that can stimulate children’s interests.

In the past four weeks, I could feel that this whole nation is free. I met a woman in the museum whose daughter is 25 years old. She is now attending a college and majoring in arts. People in this nation can exert their talent and follow what they really like to do. That is why we can see every walk of life in America is keeping ahead of the world. As much as they can, they live free no matter poor or rich.

Lastly, I really appreciate my parents who provided me financial support. They have never been to America before. I wish we could travel to America together someday. I have received so much praise about English ability. I know it was because my parents efforts. When I was learning to talk, my mother tried to teach me some simple English words. Even though my parents cannot speak English very well, they tried so hard to create such environment for me. It is not because they want me to succeed yet they want me to live a free life that I truly want.  Live free or die.

"Live Free or Die" 2

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