Making the Decision to Study Abroad in Spain

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Indigo in the middle having fun with friends in Madrid, Spain

Some of life’s biggest decisions happen when you least expect them.  For Indigo Williams, her big decision happened on a train: “I decided to study abroad in Spain while sitting on a train going between Edinburgh and London”, she shares.  “I had always known that I wanted to travel the world, and at that moment decided that it was time to start.”

Indigo’s moment of clarity changed her life.  With CHI’s help, she made her dream a reality and is now studying in Madrid through CHI’s High School Abroad program.

“I’m so happy that I decided to come on this incredible journey”, says Indigo.  “Not only is being bilingual an invaluable skill, but the whole experience has been amazing.”

It’s the small things that mean the most to Indigo.  “From making awesome new friends to trying foods I never even realized existed, bonding with my host family and getting to know the city I’m living in (mastering the Metro, check!) it’s just the most life-changing experience.  My whole trip has been full of these little moments where I can’t help but stop for a moment and think, wow – life is so, so beautiful.”

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