Meet Au Pair Community Administrator, Frances Barbour from Tiburon, Ca

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Frances has been a Community Administrator with CHI Au Pair for nearly seven years. She considers herself an “Army Brat”, born in Germany, and raised in Washington, D.C. Her parents were a host family for the Foreign Student Service Council, she also has extended family that lived all over the world. It isn’t a surprise Frances holds a degree in International Relations. Frances is proud to mention she worked for over ten years with USIA’s Professional Exchange Program (PEP), at the Federal level in D.C, and then in San Francisco. Frances is also trilingual, speaking English, French and Spanish.

Frances is a devoted wife to husband Bill and a loving mother to her son, Edward (Teddy) Hayden III. When Teddy was born, Frances decided to be a full-time stay at home mom for a better family balance.

Since college, Frances has been an avid bike commuter. She holds a renowned US cycling instructor certification, and pioneered/taught the National Safe Routes to Schools program. As her son, Teddy grew older, she felt she was ready to return to the workforce. As a ‘local ambassador’ of 20+ years, mom, and former exchange student, and old enough to ‘parent’ young adults, the Au Pair program seemed to be the perfect fit.

Frances is a wonderful Community Administrator, she is always planning new and interesting monthly activities for the Au Pair cluster. Frances is thankful for the wonderful extended support with CHI, especially from Chris Burbach, a Regional Manager for the Au Pair program.

Frances feels monthly cluster meetings are opportunities to expose/educate our participants to unique aspects of our culture and society, or to build the cluster relationships. Meetings typically last 2 hours, on a Sunday morning or afternoon. Frances mentions low budget is key, but some examples of past cluster meetings include: hiking special trails with great views/waterfalls/monuments, sailing or paddleboarding on the San Francisco Bay or International Thanksgiving potluck dinners to name a few.

Frances enjoys an active lifestyle. She enjoys helping Au Pairs find used bikes to buy/borrow during their visit; she even helps to fix them up!

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