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My American Experience: Indira Mademoiselle, Kazakhstan

This summer, CHI invited its USA Work & Travel participants to take part in a contest to help show off their program spirit. Participants were asked to submit an essay, video or photo slideshow that best demonstrated their personal ‘American Experience’.  In their own words and images, here is what this year’s CHI USA Work & Travel alumni have experienced during their summer in America.

Essay by Indira Mademoiselle, Kazakhstan, worked in Brooklyn, NY

My most vivid summer in New York 🙂

My name is Indira, I am 2nd year student of Mechanics and Mathematics Department of the Kazakh State University, June 11, I flew to New York from the city of Almaty. At the airport I met my friends Kazakhstani students who came before. In spite of my fatigue after a long 16-hour flight, we first went to Manhattan’s Times Square. I will never forget the emotions that overwhelmed me at that time! Overall sea of ​​bright lights, a lot of people with different color eyes and skin, tourists from around the world … It seemed to me that I’m playing in a fantasy film … New York delightful town, I fell in love with him at first sight!

We liked to walk a lot of walking … with great pleasure that we visited the theater and visited Wall Street, visited the Guggenheim Museum, sailed on the ferry to Staten Island … Very interesting were walking on China Town, little  Italy, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Apple-center , 5th Avenue, Soho, Coney Island, Hard Rock Cafe …

I lived in a rented apartment in Brooklyn. We occupied one room – two girls from Kazakhstan, and the second lived four guys: Adem and Bora with Turkey, Croatia and Ozren with Aset with Kazakhstan. I am very glad to meet you with them, great guys!

I was very happy that my work is on Coney Island. I worked for two months at McDonalds. Every day, during break time, I came to the Atlantic coast and admire the view of the ocean. I overcame a great distance to see this ocean, an extraordinary city, get to know different cultures and people from different countries …

In New York, people are very easy to communicate. You may want to have a nice day, do compliment, ask how are you, to offer help, to wish good morning great evening and the people you first see. “In this and all of New York, you Can sitting somewhere, tell the story of his life the person with whom you just met and never did not see “- the words of one wonderful New Yorker, with whom we chatted casually.

And then, I more than once acquainted with very friendly people. And we were talking about different topics. Merry great atmosphere always reigned in the park on the ocean. The beach filled with vacationers, shops, cafes, ice cream trays. I liked the magnificent pier overlooking the vast ocean …

“Yes, New York is really beautiful” – I heard a voice near an elderly man, as I sat, his head on the seafront and just with genuine pleasure, his eyes closed, absorbed this particular air. “Yes, it is amazing “- I replied.

At home, we always had a lot of fun, clean and cozy! Every evening after work, we all gathered for a large round table. We drank tea, ate fruit and shared their impressions of the work. Tells an interesting story that happened to us during the day. It was our family tradition! You may ask, why a family? And I’ll tell you. During all this time, I was very fond of these guys for their friendship, help and support in difficult times, they have become like family to me! We were happy when our weekend match and then we went for a walk around the city.

My American Experience: Indira Mademoiselle, Kazakhstan 1

That’s what was my last day in New York. Early in the morning I went to Bora Manhattan, I had a lot of things that need to be done: to go to Soho for gifts for loved ones, to find my favorite cookies macaroons for my only sister Joan, I also very much wanted to visit before leaving Central Park, so I just love it!

First we went to Soho. It was the most fun and crazy shopping for all time. Boron is a great friend with a good sense of humor. I did not notice that was a half day and I found everything I was looking for. We were hungry, so we decided to eat. We bought a hot dog and  hot coffee, as is customary in New York eating on the go, as the time we have absolutely no choice.

We ran to look for Subway, because our next stop was the macaroons. We found the nearest address – La Maison Du Macaron, West 23rd Street.

Hooray! We found La Maison Du Macaron, I bought my favorite cookies for my little sisters!

The last place where we went after our long day was my favorite Central Park! It was the most pleasant time spending the whole day!

We sat on the grass, and were talking about how fruitful day was as quietly flew our summer in New York …

Bohr said to me – “you know you’re good, and I will miss you so much …” I felt sad and happy in an instant. He asked not to say goodbye to him and just say, “Until next time, Bohr.” I did just that … I was sad to leave, but I was very pleased on the lead of the summer.

I will always remember you, New York! You picked me as their own, and stay forever in my heart! Oh! I already miss you ….. I love the memories! Thank you for an unforgettable experience and for new friends!

My American Experience: Indira Mademoiselle, Kazakhstan 2

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