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My American Experience: Kristina Linda, Ukraine

This summer, CHI invited its USA Work & Travel participants to take part in a contest to help show off their program spirit. Participants were asked to submit an essay, video or photo slideshow that best demonstrated their personal ‘American Experience’.  In their own words and images, here is what this year’s CHI USA Work & Travel alumni have experienced during their summer in America.

Essay submission by Kristina Linda, Ukraine, worked in Tusayan, AZ

Our Unforgettable Summer

“… Boarding for flight” Kiev – Los Angeles”- was announced in Ukrainian airport.  We, twenty-year old students, took our luggage and went confidently to the registration.

Fathers` smiles and mothers` tears. America is waiting for us! Many questions arise. What will be this summer? Will our world vision change? Will we be able to understand “American English”? And does peanut butter taste good?

Huge airports, international acquaintances, first successes, long journeys, and finally we reached the goal! Grand Canyon is on the horizon.

A lot of sunsets we saw here and a lot of sunrises we met …

Today, almost at the end of the summer, pictures of this summer go through our minds like a kaleidoscope of memories. We have definitely grown up. Changed our life aims and the world views. American people have taught us to live simpler. Taught to smile. This is a country of contrasts, of power of the law, of kindness and understanding. This is a country of future. And one should not only visit the U.S., but spend at least the summer here to see marvelous and mysterious perspectives in life, to eliminate the stereotypes, to travel, and most importantly to list the main reasons to participate in work and travel, United States.

The reasons why you must try Work and travel USA:

1) The international meetings

My American Experience: Kristina Linda, Ukraine 12) To see best views of USA My American Experience: Kristina Linda, Ukraine 2

3) To play famous Americans games:

My American Experience: Kristina Linda, Ukraine 3

4) To working with great people:

My American Experience: Kristina Linda, Ukraine 4

5) To travel a lot

My American Experience: Kristina Linda, Ukraine 5

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