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My American Experience: Sabina Alieva, Russia

Dreams come true! I understood it when I became a participant of program “Work&Travel” and got opportunity to visit America. Famous Italian film director Federico Fellini told that “A different language is a different vision of view”. I completely realized it in America when I stayed here alone far away from my family and relatives. My name is Sabina. I am from Russia. But during summer in America I heard a lot of supposition about my nationality. It’s the first thing which I will never forget. A lot of Americans thought that I am from France or Germany. It was the most popular version. One man was sure that I’m from Italy and his reason why he thought so was that I’m too beautiful. Other thing which I was surprised that a lot of people especially Americans told me that I have very nice accent. Sometimes they tease me and ask to tell something. I will never forget when customer told me “I love Sabina and her accent”. I should describe my place of working because thanks to this place I have a lot of memories. I got work in Hanah mountain resort&country club. It’s located in New York State , town Margaretville. This resort amazes wonderful beauty of nature. When you stay in this resort you can take pleasure by clean air, forests, plenty of flowers and even some kinds of animals. I was in shock when I drove golf car and met deer in front of me. It was so close to me and it appeared unexpected that’s why I screamed very loudly. I think that after such shout already deer was in shock. There are lot golf tournaments in this resort. A lot of people from other countries go to Hannah resort for playing golf. I worked as waitress that’s why I communicated with different people every day. One day group of Polish men went to Hannah resort. I remember man who always tell me “hi my polish friend”. He knew that I am from Russia but he told that I sound as polish. One day when I worked in restaurant I had funny situation. One man came to restaurant and asked one apple. We gave it to him and he paid 20$ and left. 20$ for one apple! Other waitress started to laugh when she saw my face. It is too unexpected for me when people pay such money for one fruit when in Russia I can buy three boxes of apples for the same money.

I have a lot of reasons why I love work and travel and how this program made me and my life better. Firstly, I became more patient, responsible, strong and sociable. Secondly, I had dream from childhood to visit New York and thanks to “work and travel” this dream came true. I would never think that the most famous sightseeings which I saw in pictures I can see in reality. I visited capital of United States of America – Washington DC. In my opinion you can admire this city infinitely. A lot of sightseeings, large museums, memorials and monuments which make people to stand still when you see such masterpieces.

I made a lot of friends in America. Probably, some people will think that it’s not persuasive reason because you can find a lot of friends in your country but I can’t fully agree with it because when you communicate with people from other countries you start to see world in a new way. First person who I met was Alice. For me she was as sun because she is very kind, polite and responsive. Such kind of people makes our world better and kinder. When I started to work I met other wonderful person. Her name is Violet. It was great to work with her because we had a lot of fun. I’ve never think that I can get used to person for three months. If I had problems or just bad mood , she always helped me and supported me. Her supporting and advices became valuable for me.

Then I met other good person -Jaime. She has three cute children. We were together in carnival and spend time very fun. We didn’t communicate very often but when Jaime told me that her children asked about me and missed me I wanted to cry. It was too difficult to explain my feelings when I heard it. Certainly, I started to miss my family more but the most important reason that you realize that you live in foreign country but you have people who cares about you and can support you in any situation.

Every person loves place where he/she was borned and lived but America is wonderful country and when you stay here more and more you understand that it will be difficult to leave.

I got a lot of unforgettable moments in America but my best memory was visiting of “top of the rock” Rockefeller center. It is inexpressible sense when you stay on height 259 meters and see all panorama of New York. Manhattan shines and it looks like you got into a fairy tale but you don’t want that it will be end.

If somebody asks me are you glad that you took part in program work and travel – absolutely! Of course I couldn’t visit all places but nevertheless I plunged into the atmosphere of this powerful state, learned its traditions and peculiarities, got a lot of positive emotions and just became happier due to the fact that I was not afraid of participating in “Work and Travel” making my summer the best in life!

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