My internship story | Arailym Ramazanova, from Kazakhstan

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Arailym Ramazanova, from Kazakhstan, shares her experience as a CHI Internship/Trainee participant.

My Internship experience in USA

Arailym Ramazanova

July 2019

I came to the United States for the first time in the beginning of January 2018. I applied for an exchange program through CHI organization and that was an Internship in marketing and in veterinary clinic. The whole period of Internship I applied for was 18 months. I remember how excited I was when I was leaving my home country Kazakhstan. I always wanted to work and live for a few years somewhere in either USA or Europe. Then this opportunity came into my life. I wanted to know more in the sphere of marketing outside of my country, to gain more professional expertise and learn new things in my job sphere. The other huge desire of mine was to live for a while (in my personal case it is one and a half year) in a completely unknown country, with so many cultures, picturesque views of nature, buildings and architecture, variety of people and so many other things. So, it happened.

I have been having my Internship in Florida State, the city is called Tamarac. It is not far from a big city of Miami actually, but the good thing was that it is very peaceful and quiet there which for me is important. Most of the time I spent in Fort Lauderdale city which is 30-40 minutes by car from Miami and for me personally it seems to be not hectic and quite nice.  As I have mentioned I was working in the animal clinic (Animal Wellness Clinic of Tamarac), but my particular job was not connected with animals, it was considering marketing, promotion, advertisement side of this animal clinic. I was frequently in contact with our partners (digital marketing companies) who were helping me to work on the website, different social platforms, creating campaigns/promotions, targeting new clients and other interesting things. Well, then I’ve realized how everything in advertisement and marketing realms was working in the USA, very fast and effective. So, basically regarding professional development, I’ve really learned a lot by doing my job here and contacting our partners that is definitely a huge experience. Moreover, I‘ve seen so many cute and friendly dogs, puppies and kittens that also brought its own joy on a daily basis.

My boss, manager, and colleagues were absolutely open, ready to help and friendly people. I was lucky to have such a friendly atmosphere at work. If I didn’t know something, in the beginning, they always tried to help me and explain how things worked here.

The first three months were the hardest here because I was searching for a good place to live in, a safe and good neighborhood and also not far from work.  Also, the first period of time I was adapting to the climate, food and everything actually and it was not easy not to have friends in a new continent, but inside of myself, I‘ve really wanted that in some way, in order to check whether I can do it alone or not. And anyway later on when I solved all these temporary obstacles, I’ve realized that as a result, I became stronger, when something is challenging and seems quite tough, at the end of the day it is a huge experience and new insights.

On my way here I’ve met so many different people and each of them was unique. I also went to see other main cities, and the cities I’ve liked most were Boston and Chicago. It all depends on your preferences for sure, but for me, Chicago is so artistic, creative and cozy to live in even though I’ve heard before about its winter. Anyway, I like it. Boston resembled me England, because of its architecture, those red bricks houses, some streets, and people. Florida was a bit too hot for me, maybe because I got used to four seasons climate by my background and origin. Anyway, the ocean in Florida is just amazing, warm and the color of it really looks like in those beautiful pictures.

To sum it up, now it is the end of my Internship program, next week I will go back home and what I want to point out is that it was an unforgettable journey for me, both professionally and personally, so many things opened in my mind, even the way I feel life and the world changed, it is so true that traveling widens your horizon, and you start to see things from a different perspective, well in my case it was travelling mixed with living. I am happy that I had this chance to live and work here in US, and I am grateful for all the people who helped me here from CHI, colleagues, my host, friends. Tough moments helped to be more patient and made me stronger, nature and ocean gave me so much energy, people here taught me a lot, and everything here had its own meaning at the end of my journey. I know now so many stories I have to tell my family, friends and my future kids in my homeland – Kazakhstan. Thank you also who is reading this and I hope my story somehow can make you also feel better!

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