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CHI’s Story with a Smile: Myrtle Beach Heroes

CHI's Story with a Smile: Myrtle Beach Heroes 1

Across the country, CHI Work and Travel team members wake up every day, grab a cup of coffee and dive into their email inboxes from their homes in search for updates on ongoing processes, providing responses and assistance to those who need support.

It is another week of the pandemic, keeping our staff focused on solutions to an evolving global crisis. But then, there’s that one email that puts a smile on people’s faces. And then there are two, and three and more! As we continue hearing uplifting news from local communities across the United States, we wanted to make sure we share them with all of you and call this blog column #storywithasmile.

One such story came from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The local community relies heavily on tourism and has been severely impacted by the developing crisis. Together in partnership, local businesses and CHI team members came together to support each and every program participant who was impacted by either travel restrictions or business closures.

Volunteers from All Nations Café made a point to deliver food directly to program participants multiple times a week. Café Director Christy Morris even went out of her way to work with participants who need temporary help paying their rent. Everyone came together in helping to take food or collect donations of gift cards to exchange visitors for stores such as WalMart.

Community liaison Kathy Winfree expressed her gratitude to all contributing to these efforts. We’d like to thank our tireless CHI representatives: Regional Manager Alex Ibanescu and his dedicated team for providing unwavering support and assistance to participants, local businesses, community members and fellow program sponsors during this trying time. Their hard work, care and ability to quickly adapt to an evolving situation brought a feeling comfort and security to everyone who needed it in the area.

We will continue sharing our inspiring stories with you every week. If you want to share one with us, please email

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