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National Volunteer Week: April 19th – 25th!

Volunteering is a long and honored tradition in the United States.  Every year millions of Americans donate their time and energy to help out their communities.  National Volunteer Week was created with the spirit of these people in mind.  Since 1974, the United States has dedicated one week each year to honor their generosity and selflessness, and encourage others to follow in their footsteps. 

The theme for this year’s National Volunteer Week is “Celebrating People in Action.  This is your chance to get involved and help out your community.  CHI would like to do its part to help you join the cause.  To encourage as many people as possible to do what they can, CHI Au Pair USA is sponsoring a contest. 

If you are part of the Au Pair program, we would like you to volunteer and share your story.  Please use the helpful links below to find a volunteer activity in your area, and lend a hand.  Whether it’s helping out at a soup kitchen or cleaning up your local park – we would like to hear about it!  Write a short essay describing your experience and what it meant to you.  We will choose two of our favorite stories to be featured on our website, and the authors will each receive a prize.

For information on how to submit a story – please visit the Au Pair page of our website. 

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