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New CHI Director of Academic Programs: Micki Lalonde

IMG_4758Please welcome Micki Lalonde as the new Director of Academic Programs. Micki started as a TC in 1990 when we operated CHI Canada. Soon she was handling AYP students as well. She became an APA in 1995, when she was also appointed to the AYP Committee. By 2002 she took over chairing the Committee.

In 2005 Joan King, up until then the Director of Academic Programs, retired and Jackie became the new Director. Micki became Jackie’s assistant to help with major student issues and staff training. Micki was also working as the Director of International Student Recruitment at the college in Canada, travelling the world to bring students to Prince George, BC.

In 2010 Micki stopped her college job and became full-time Student Services Director, working closely with Jackie, as well as developing the Private High School Program and running the High School Abroad program for American students to study overseas.

Although Micki lives on the West Coast of Canada, she grew up in the Midwest, went to Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI, married a French Canadian, moved to Vancouver and have lived in the northern part of British Columbia for 26 years. She has 2 wonderful grown sons, both of whom will get married next summer to lovely women she and her husband are looking forward to welcoming into their family. Micki’s parents live in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Micki says: “I am pleased to be able to carry on the important work Jackie and Joan King before her began and to provide life changing experiences for students around the world.” We are excited to have her as the new Director of Academic Programs.


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