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Participant Spotlight: Alex

CHI Internship participant Alex shares his experience in the U.S.Participant Spotlight: Alex 1

“Hi, my name is Alex. I’m from Ukraine. I’ve graduated from the university in June 2009 and have a master degree in international economy. After graduating from the university I decided to take part in the internship program. I believe that this is a great experience and lots of different opportunities for the future job, career and my life. In spite of learning German as a fist language and English as a second in the university, I chose US as a country of internship program because I’ve been learning English since I was 6 and went to the school with a profound studying of English.

After several months of looking for the host business company I was told that there was an opportunity to work in McDonald’s as a shift manger. During the interview I understood that this was what I was looking for and that I would like to work in such a big worldwide and successful corporation.

I arrived in US in the middle of January and my internship began. The first few weeks were the hardest because everything was new and absolutely unknown for me. I started from the grill area. There were a lot of things to learn but I tried my best and was watching on every small detail of how everything work and how the other employees doing their job. I have great supervisors who are helping me every time I need it, they’ve answered my entire questions and explained me all the details of how the business works and most of the fundamentals for the success in this job. After few weeks in the grill area I began to learn how the front counters and the drive through work. There are a lot of thing to learn in this areas too so I continue to ask as many questions as I have. I think asking questions is a big part leading to the success. During all the time working either in the grill area or any other station I was doing everything as good as I can, never refusing in help or assistance to everybody.Participant Spotlight: Alex 2

Finally I would like to say that I do believe that such things as support of my supervisors and other managers, hardworking, my desire to help and, of course, my love to the job are the main things that leaded me to be nominated as the employee of the month. Internship program is a unique chance for everybody to try himself in a worldwide company. I’m very happy that I’m taking part in it and having good results and success. ”


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