Participant Spotlight: Bond Finseth

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Outbound AYP Participant Bond Finseth from Mississippi arrived in Brussels on August 30th. Below is a letter he wrote about his experience so far.

“I love my school and am making lots of friends. All the Belgian and French kids seem to like me and tell me my French is good, but my ears still need training because I cannot understand them when they can understand me, however I can already tell a difference from when I arrived. I now know how Borat (the movie about the Kazakh guy) feels. Like him, my cultural differences make me charming, somewhat cute, and very funny. All the villages around here look something like a fairy tale. Lots of pretty forests and fields on some hills. I love the weather here! It rains off and on all day and is nice and chilly. The Belgians (or at least my family) don’t seem to eat a lot. Fortunately for me there is a garden behind the house where I can snack on fresh cherry tomatoes and fruit. In school I am taking Religion, Science, Math, French, Social Science, Geography, German and Philosophy. There are 3 other Americans, a South African, and an Australian at my school.”

– Bond Finseth

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