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Participant Spotlight: Matt Ma

Below is a letter from Internship participant Matt Ma. 


 My name is Matt Ma, from China. I started my internship in a waste & recycling company located in Denver Colorado in August 2009.It was a great honor being selected as an Participant Spotlight: Matt Ma 1Internship Program participant and being placed into an incredibly honorable company.

I want to extend my great and sincere appreciation and thanks to Culture Homestay International that introduced this program into China and many other countries. I was privileged to get to know the program and eventually became a member of it. I actually know so many friends in CHI so well and I have also visited CHI’s headquarter office myself. I feel so happy to meet them and so grateful for all their help and kindness. CHI assisted with my visa documentations and gave orientations and found me housings and dealt with my medcare insurance and many many rest. I am really proud for being with you extraordinary people and so thankful for all your support all the time along the way!

My main service in my company is to do background check of Chinese partners which want to build business relationships with my company. I am there to make sure that these buyers can handle our export materials in the very right way, and are absolutely environmentally safe and responsible. It has been known that there are many companies out there not taking good care of local surroundings but still running 24/7 with the all full set of licenses, the only reason for this is that they have some “connection” with Chinese government people. So here I came to do all necessary research to ensure that we are not working with a partner that is damaging Chinese environment.

I am very proud of my company for this. And also I have been learning tremendously during my job and from my colleagues, who have my great respects. While during the work, I would often introduce to my company more Chinese traditions, customs, holidays, and how the business goes on in China, specifically from the point of a young and newly-graduated man’ view. A lot of times, my colleague were feeling so hard to understand or accept what to us are most common sense and situations in China, I feel, too, sometimes, quite strange for the western way of work. This has been a quite pleasant and fruitful learning process. My company is now getting a lot better about how to conduct business with Chinese companies Participant Spotlight: Matt Ma 2and with Chinese government as well as more Chinese cultures. And I learned so much more about United States. I had my first Thanksgiving Holidays in our Vice President’ family party. I received birthday card which has many colleagues’ blessings on. They gave me so many rides to visit Denver area and so many places. They took me to football game and my vice president would bring me Time magazines every other week, they even bought raincoat and gloves for me.….. I am not able to utilize just words to extend my thanks for them and I am so sure that we will be lifelong great friends even though my internship ends next August.

This has been a fabulous year to me, a absolute greatest time of treasure in my life, all my best best and sincere wishes go to you all, my company, all my colleagues, CHI, and all my friends here! Thank you all very very much!

Best withes,


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