Participant Spotlight: Yumiko

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Last summer Tokyo native Yumiko Hashikita was just 26 years old, and enjoying the spoils of being a new bride.  Soon after getting married Yumiko decided it was time to focus on her career.  While looking for the best way to improve her skills and get first hand knowledge of her interested profession, Yumiko discovered the CHI Internship Program.

It was Yumiko’s love of children and desire to gain first hand expYumiko Iida 3erience in a work environment that led her to CHI’s Internship Program. After applying, Woodcrest Preschool in Newbury Park, California, seemed like a perfect fit for her skills and interests.  She enrolled in the program as a teacher’s assistant for six months.

Yumiko greatly enjoyed her time in America.  She improved her English speaking skills and learned the ins and outs of how a preschool in America is run.  She also gained valuable insight into the day to day responsibilities of the teaching staff.  Yumiko thought that California’s weather was wonderful and the people were very kind and friendly.  She made such a strong Yumiko Iida 2connection with the students and her fellow staff that on her last day, when she had to go back to Japan, the children and other staff members all sang a special song just for her.  Yumiko was moved to tears by this simple but sweet gesture, and it remains one of her most cherished memories from her time with the CHI Internship Program.

Now, six months later Yumiko is back in her homeland and has parlayed her internship experience into a prestigious position at Japan’s International Preschool, using the very skills that she acquired last summer at California’s Woodcrest Preschool.  Her current position even involves speaking English on a regular basis, something she was able to practice extensively during her internship.  Yumiko is on cloud nine, enjoying her dream job, and looking forward to all that is to come, and she credits her time with CHI for helping her get started on the fast track to success.  Good luck Yumiko!  CHI wishes you continued happiness in everything you do!

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