Story with a Smile: Beach Mart Goes Above and Beyond

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Written by Kamilla Silina, Work and Travel

Story with a Smile: Beach Mart Goes Above and Beyond 1

For many years CHI’s Work and Travel program has been in partnership with host employer Beach Mart. Besides being a great employer to many participants for years, this souvenir store chain, located in North Carolina, has been supportive of many CHI initiatives such as Cultural Ambassador Award and Exchange Day. They have been true advocates of cultural exchange.

Once again, the Beach Mart team has not let us down during the current pandemic and times of business crisis. Along with many of their US workers, they continue to support our international participants.

Over 40 Ecuadorian exchange visitors participating in the Spring Work and Travel program were not able to return home due to travel restrictions in their country after coming to the US for their cultural exchange experience. Despite the fact that Beach Mart – Outer Banks went into lockdown and had to close its stores, all employees including international cultural exchange visitors continued to receive a 32-hour a week paycheck. 

We would like to express our appreciation to Beach Mart for their continued support of cultural exchange especially during times like these. This #storywithasmile was provided by our Regional Assistant Manager Wendie Mewszel. This brought many smiles to the faces of participants, our team and hopefully yours.

Story with a Smile: Beach Mart Goes Above and Beyond 2

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