Story with a Smile: True hospitality by Motel 6

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Written by Kamilla Silina, Work and Travel

It was just another week of Zoom calls and emails and watching travel shows on Netflix. While the world continues to readjust to new circumstances of the pandemic we try to keep a good sense of humor and a positive attitude.

In the meantime, we wanted to share another #storywithasmile with you and recognize those who have shown true kindness in these challenging times to those who needed it most.

Today our story is about Motel 6, our long-term host employer in the US for Work and Travel participants. During a time when the hotel industry is going through tough times, Motel 6 locations in California were able to provide free housing for participants as well as options to continue working. 

One specific location – Motel 6 in Mammoth Lakes, CA went the extra mile to support our participants. When the pandemic broke out and one exchange visitor felt ill, the Motel 6 manager provided full support in getting the medical help needed. She continued to monitor the situation until the participant fully recovered.

The General Manager of the Motel 6 stepped up again when the entire hotel had to enter quarantine. She provided pizza to all of the participants and organized regular food delivery from the local grocery store to her own room to set up an individual food box for each participant. When a participant was not able to finish the program, she was able to issue a paycheck for her full last week. 

Story with a Smile: True hospitality by Motel 6 1

Exchange visitors were so grateful they said thanks by providing all the help necessary during this time. Impressed by their positive attitude, Motel 6 District manager sent individual personal thank you cards to each participant. 

Our team across the US is truly proud of how everyone made the best out of this challenging situation. Thank you to Motel 6 for all the help to our participants, for being a kind and supportive host employer and for putting a smile on all of our faces with this positive story.

This week’s story with a smile was provided by our Program Coordinator Shawn Sherbahn, Western Region. Will you be the next one to keep us all smiling? Send your story to

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