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Students working in York, Maine attend a local mixer held by the Chamber of Commerce

WELCOME TO AMERICA. The York Diversity Forum, York Adult and Community Education and Greater York Region Chamber of Commerce hosted a Seasonal Workers International Mixer at the York Senior Center on June 23 in an effort to welcome summer workers from Kazakhstan, Turkey, Poland, Russia and other places from around the world to York and to America.

WT_MixerBoth young women are from Kazakhstan while Larrea is part of the Diversity Forum’s program to provide assistance to visiting workers, including used bicycles to provide a mode of transportation between jobs and housing locations. Larrea has fixed up all the bicycles that have been donated to the program to date, so that they are in good working order for people to use.

Following the mixer, Selectman Ted Little described the event as “just a glorious time” and added that there is still a need for housing options and bicycles. He urged anyone who might have a bicycle to donate, or ideas on housing options, to contact members of the Diversity Forum at or 363-4214, Ext. 2113.

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