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Successful Male Au Pair!

rodrigo-2There’s a stereotype that continues to persist when it comes to men and childcare. But contrary to this common belief, men have made, and continue to make, terrific Au Pairs. Recently, a young man from Brazil was matched with a family in Michigan. As both parties attest, it was the right match.

 Twins Zachary and Luke, and their younger brother Nicholas, are happily playing in the snow covered front yard of their Michigan home on a crisp December day. While parents Mike and Stephanie Orrico are away at work for the day, neither of them is worried about their children, because they know that they are in the capable hands of the family’s au pair. Rodrigo Amado Garcia Silva is a 20 year old young man from Niteroi, Brazil. He has been the Orrico family’s au pair for the last nine months, and has done a wonderful job caring for the children and endearing himself to the family.

Mike and Stephanie Orrico were drawn to CHI Au Pair USA because they valued the intimacy and security of having their childcare provider living with them as a member of the family. When it came time to decide on who their au pair would be, they both came to the conclusion that a male au pair would fit their needs best. Having three young boys with a lot of energy provided the need for someone who could keep up with them. Rodrigo fit this profile perfectly, and his love of the outdoors was an added bonus. Mike and Stephanie were impressed by the maturity he displayed for his age, as well as his enthusiasm for the experience.

Rodrigo’s hometown of Niteroi is located along Brazil’s Atlantic coast near Rio de Janeiro. Rodrigo had been attending college at Rio’s Federal University studying environmental engineering and developed an interest in experiencing other cultures on a first hand basis. This interest drew him to the CHI Au Pair USA program. Rodrigo was specifically curious about the every day life of an average American family, and becoming an au pair would allow him to truly immerse himself in that every day family life.rodrigo-1

 Rodrigo quickly developed a good chemistry with his host family and affection for the children. Some of the fun activities that Rodrigo enjoys with the children include arts and crafts, outdoor activities like biking, soccer and swimming, and visiting the local library. Rodrigo knows how important the time is that he spends with the children, and takes his responsibilities very seriously.

Mike and Stephanie describe a fun and enjoyable past nine months with Rodrigo. They praise his willingness to help in any situation, and marvel at his desire to mow the lawn so he can be outside in the sun. Often when he is out in the sun, Mike and Stephanie laugh as all three of their boys, like ducks, follow him and imitate his every move. The boys really seem to look up to Rodrigo as if he were an older brother.

Rodrigo has really enjoyed his time as an au pair in the United States, and feels that he has learned and grown a great deal. While he will be sad to eventually have to say goodbye to his American family, he will look back on his participation in the CHI Au Pair USA program with fondness. He looks forward to continuing his university studies back home in Brazil as well as continuing to explore other cultures. The Orricos as well, will miss Rodrigo when he leaves in March, but will fondly remember the time they spent getting to know their new Brazilian friend. This male au pair was the perfect fit for the Orrico family.

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