summer memories from chi camp leaders

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CHI Camp Leaders participant Kathrin Skurka, from Germany, shares her favorite moments from Camp Sabra in Missouri.

“My favorite part of camp is to see how the kids grow. It’s amazing to see how much fun they have and what they learn because this is a time they will remember for their whole life. My other favorite part of the camp are these indescribable sunsets which I’m enjoying with my friends. I learn so many new things every day here and the Americans help me so much. My English is getting better and I can even understand the slang. Skills that I’ve gained are to see many things with different eyes. That I need to talk more, try to understand someone else’s point of view and to figure out problems in a fast way. The other skills that I’ve gained are how I’m teaching kids, which is the best way. We had such an amazing training before camp in which we can go into camp with self-confidence and safety.”

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