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Summer W&T Roundup

As summer comes to an end, Work & Travel students from all over the U.S. are preparing to return home.  They had  a wonderful experience and made memories that will last them a lifetime.  Here are few pictures of our W&T participants this summer. 

Summer W&T Roundup 1
Dominican Republic Students at Hotel Indigo


Summer W&T Roundup 2
Dominican Republic Students visiting Niagara Falls



Summer W&T Roundup 3
Mongolian students at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky,Ohio


Summer W&T Roundup 4
First Day Seminar at Palace Playland


Summer W&T Roundup 5
Uncle Joe's Ice Cream


Summer W&T Roundup 6
Zhou Yimings from China turns 21!

If you are interested in hiring W&T participants for your business, please visit for more information!

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