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Work Experience Programs

One Winter in New Hampshire

It wasn’t really cold in New Hampshire, at least not during the days I stayed in Dover. The town hall was nearby, hidden in the white light. This quiet town seemed to have been lost and still stood out from the shining. In front of the Greek church, the snow-covered pine-trees were only pitch-black, and the yellow leaves that had not yet fallen were the first lamps of the night.

Educational Programs

Exploring Boston Through CHI’s STEP Program

Selina had the amazing opportunity to spend a month living and volunteering in Boston through CHI’s STEP program.  She loved it! “Whenever I sit inside the oldest subway in the US ever”, Selina recalls, “I can’t help but imagine what

Educational Programs

Making Connections Through Cultural Exchange

Stepping off a plane in a new country can be both exciting and nerve-wracking.  When Xavier Tao, from China, took his first steps on U.S. soil, he was welcomed by the smiling face of his host father, Guillaume.  This immediately

CHI Life

Differences Between China and America

CHI Short Term Enrichment Program participant Rose is currently volunteering at a local TV station, the Portsmouth Public Media. Rose took the time to create three short videos describing the differences between life in China and life in America. Take

Educational Programs

Experiencing American Culture

Wu Zhijin, from China, spent four weeks living and volunteering in Dover, MA as part of CHI’s Short Term Enrichment Program.  Realizing the importance of cultural exchange, Wu made a point to experience as much as possible during her stay.

Educational Programs

Winter in New York, Boston and New Hampshire

Gavin Tianya Zhao, from China, recently participated in CHI’s Short Term Enrichment Program.  Gavin spent time living and volunteering in Dover, New Hampshire this winter.  In his free, time he was able to visit New York and Boston.  Here Gavin shares

Educational Programs

Chinese Exchange Student Volunteers at Monarch Thrift Shop

YiJing (second from the right) Monarch Thrift Shop in Chicago, IL was pleased to welcome CHI Short Term Enrichment Program, participant YiJing Hong, from China, to volunteer in their boutique shop.  Monarch Thrift Shop shared, “Quickly YiJing became a part of

Educational Programs

My American Experience: Answering Questions About America

Echo came to the United States hoping to answer some specific questions.  She wanted to know, “What is American host family culture?  Can I handle this long journey alone?  Are Americans all rich and all live in a big villa?

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